3 Ways toHigh-Performing Chemical Sales Talent

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Talented, success-driven sales candidates are out there. But if you want them on your team, then you need a strategy to help you find them, attract them and keep them.

Oficio GROUP has identified three key elements to identify talent pools and channels in this guide. Download your copy to help you attract and keep high-performers.

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What our clients are saying

Kim Sosko

Chief Administration Officer, Jones - Hamilton Co

“I found oficio GROUP to be extremely thorough in their entire process. Communication was exceptional and candidate review was well organized. They listened to the feedback we provided on each candidate to make sure they delivered exactly what we were looking for and we're happy to say one year into our hire that’s exactly what we got.”

Serge Rogasik

Senior Vice President Personal Care Vantage Specialty Chemicals

"oficioGROUP stands out from other recruitment firms in truly finding high performing sales representatives by going beyond what is just on the surface of a candidate resume, and the job description to find a unique match for both client and candidate. This personal approach truly differentiates oficio GROUP and shows the true value of using recruiting firms.”

Dag Enhorning

President Siltech Corporation

"Working with oficio GROUP has been a true pleasure. They’ve exceeded our expectations in every way. The entire team took the time to understand our company’s culture, placing us with incredible talent at an extraordinary pace.'

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Performance suffers when a business fails to hire the most qualified candidates.

We improve the quality of your hire. We get the job done faster. And we do it with greater accuracy so you won’t have to do it again.