working with us

Our team has achieved success through a unique methodology that exclusively uses a person-to-person, voice-to-voice approach. We don’t rely on social media, purchased databases or other conventional approaches to find contact information and connections – but rather a relational approach that forges trust. Our approach is results-driven and focused on speed, quality, and execution.

oficio-group-working-withWe begin a new search with a discovery process by which we determine IF we are the best firm to conduct the search. We are careful to put ourselves in a position to succeed; therefore we must ensure that our potential client’s expectations are in line with their VALUE proposition. Too often companies start a search with the wrong target candidate in mind, only to end up having to repeat the search again.

We are committed to each client’s success and thus we must ensure that their ability to capture the heart and mind of the person they desire is in alignment with who they CAN hire. Once a client engages us, we have the ability to physically meet with key stakeholders in the company and assess the team dynamics, and company culture. Whenever possible, this must happen either in person or via conference calls, before a single call to a potential candidate is made. Once we have a firm grasp on the ideal profile and the clear deliverables for the role, we can begin to plan where it is most likely to find the target.

Our philosophy of talent is that the best people are very rarely actively seeking employment. Furthermore, we believe anyone who IS actively seeking a new job is doing so because of a compelling driving force. We strive to understand the individual’s motivations to ensure they are thinking long term rather than short term. This driving force too often causes people to make poor decisions about their future and for the wrong reasons. These candidates pose a distinct risk to our clients, and we go to great lengths to vet them, ensuring their motivations to be appropriate for a long-term career move.

The search process has many nuances and an algorithm cannot be contained on a webpage. For this reason, we’ve greatly simplified the steps we go through to ensure a tremendous outcome. We believe that our short and long-term results are critical to the ongoing relationships we have. We treasure those relationships such that it informs every decision we make during this process.

oficio groupdiscovery – planning
The first step we take is to develop the profile of the ideal candidate. We gather information to determine the critical attributes and experiences of the candidate as well as defining all key deliverables. Once complete, our consultants have a blueprint on which to execute their search for talent.

validation – slate selection
This is where the real discernment comes into play. Ass we have built a long list of potential candidates we then distill down to the very best people who fit the broader criteria of Competency, Character and Cultural Fit. This is the time we separate the wheat from the chaff. After carefully evaluating and vetting the individuals, we select the final slate of candidates to be presented to our clients.

research – recruitment
Having a detailed analysis of the ideal candidate, we carefully identify all the potential companies where the target talent may be found. Then throughout extensive chemical industry network, we contact all potential leads, referrals, and candidates to evaluate an inclusive list of people who fit the profile from an experience point of view. The hardest to find and recruit are often the best people, so we take the time to cast the vision in such a way that the right person is attracted to the opportunity.

interviewing – final selection
Once final slate has been presented, we carefully schedule and stage the interviews to ensure that your preferred candidate is within reach and execute to that end. We assist in all aspects of candidate compensation, offer, acceptance, resignation and smooth transition into our client’s company.