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Having a detailed analysis of the ideal candidate, we carefully identify all the potential companies where the target talent may be found. Then through out extensive chemical industry network, we contact all potential leads, referrals, and candidates to evaluate an inclusive list of people who fit the profile from an experience point of view.

The hardest to find and recruit are often the best people, so we take the time to cast the vision in such a way that the right person is attracted to the opportunity.

sourcing difference
Candidate sourcing requires very specific skills, deep experience, and repeatable systems. In order to succeed, our sourcing team uses hard-earned understanding of targets and organizational structures that allows us to effectively navigate professional networks, newsgroups, associations, conferences, blogs and more. We are persistent, precise, patient, adaptive, flexible, and relentless. We not only continuously build our database of contacts with very precise cataloguing of talent, current contact information, and up-to-date information. We are also prepared to take on unique sourcing assignments that may fall outside our existing activity. Most sourcing resources or alternatives rely on already harvested databases – but at Oficio Group, you can assure that our approach to your sourcing project is unique, specialized, and specific to your current need.

In addition to Recruiting, our firm has developed a sophisticated approach to sourcing and researching candidates and connections in sub-industries such as: industrial products, construction chemicals, construction products, building materials, plastics, pulp/paper, electrical/electronic manufacturing, industrial automation, agriculture, consumer goods, packaging/containers, oil & energy.
A successful talent sourcing strategy requires dedicated resources, exceptional expertise, supporting technology, and consistent quality results. We source all niches and candidate channels. With an abundant, quality talent pipeline your capability to close job openings fast while reducing time-to-hire provides you with competitive advantage and career success.